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Hops Studio

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Hops Studio, the new generation hair salon in London, has successfully reached its target audience with the help of our expert team. Through meticulous target audience and market research and analysis, we crafted a UX/UI design and development plan that perfectly aligned with the brand's character. Don't forget to check out the Hops Studio new website.
By implementing a strategic social media plan, we were able to expand the salon's reach and bring a fresh perspective to its image. We're proud to have been a part of this success and look forward to seeing Hops Studio continue to grow!

Do not hide the true potential of the brand behind a boring image

Digital Brand Management


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Upvent Digital has partnered with Waking Wellbeing, a brand new company in the rapidly growing wellbeing sector. We worked together to create a unique and memorable brand identity that is sure to catch the attention of the target audience. Using our expertise in social media strategy, we developed a plan to promote the brand and expand its reach. As a result, Waking Wellbeing was able to connect with its local target audience for the first time through its social media accounts. We're thrilled to be a part of this journey and look forward to seeing the brand's continued success!
Waking Wellbeing Social Media Management

A Fresh Start with Upvent Digital's Strategy

Social Media Management


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A detailed target audience analysis and strategy development work was carried out in the project we started to increase the visibility and sales of Notm!lk brand on digital platforms. In the project, the preparations for content and visual content for digital platforms continue.

It is possible to achieve success in digital with a strong strategy

Resource & Analysis and Digital Brand Management


We are thrilled to announce the completion of Versus Framing's brand identity renewal process! As a brand that serves a diverse community of artists in London, it was important to create an innovative and dynamic brand identity that would resonate with its target audience. Inspired by London's unique texture and artistic flair, we developed a modern and fresh brand identity that captures the essence of Versus Framing. We're proud to have played a role in this transformation and can't wait to see the brand thrive in its new identity.
Versus Framing Social Media Design

The Art of Branding: Versus Framing's New Identity

Branding and Social Media Profile Design


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Aiming at maximum interaction, the VakifForlag ECommerce project was built considering user behaviors. The platform, which offers safe and easy shopping, was developed with today's software technologies and design trends.

A secure and seamless e-commerce experience


IGMG Peine

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Built on an advanced information architecture, the IGMG website was designed in accordance with user habits and current design trends. Oval objects inspired by traditional architecture were included in the project design. Today's software technologies were used for the software of the project.
IGMG Peine - Website

An experience inspired by traditional architecture

Corporate Website


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In the project where we redesigned Kodsan brand's experience with the end user; digital marketing solutions were created with a strategy that will strengthen the connection and communication between the brand and the user.

A strategy that will strengthen the connection

Resource & Analysis and Digital marketing


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For TIMEX, which is known for its work in the industrial field, social media management of the brand was performed with the strategy created to increase export rates. In this project, the B2B experience of the brand was strengthened and a loyal customer base was created for the brand.
TIMEX Filtration

Social media management of the brand was performed with the strategy

Digital marketing

Yalın Tan + Partners

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In the project, where customer research, persona creation, social media and advertising management were carried out to increase the awareness and sales of the Yalın Tan + Partners brand on digital platforms we focused mainly on strategy and creative approach.
Yalın Tan and Partners

New way of research, experiencing and materials

Resource & Analysis and Digital marketing

Ayse Dündar

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The brand of Ayşe Dündar was promoted on social media in the project that we worked on promoting and increasing sales of the first book of her book entitled “Astronomer's Snail.” In this long-term project, the connection between the users and the author was established.
Ayşe Dündar

Connection between the users and the author

Social media management


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In order for the products of Molu brand, which is one of the leading meat producers in Turkey, to reach the end user, e-commerce platform and mobile application were developed. Social media and advertising management and media follow-up activities were carried out for the promotion of brand and products.

The leading meat producers in Turkey

Ecommerce & Marketing

IChO - International Chemistry Olympics 2020

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Brand identity design and website were developed for the IChO2020 project, which was held for the first time for the International Chemistry Olympics held in Turkey. In this project, user experience and PWA web technologies were used together.
IChO 2020

First time for the International Chemistry Olympics held in Turkey

Branding & UX/UI


Upvent is a 360 degree digital communications agency that provides brands with the opportunity to design new experiences by means of strategy, design and technology. Upvent encourages brands to innovate and grow through long-term communication strategies.

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In order to create a new experience, we offer a strategy in parallel to the brand's values and goals that addresses the requirement of the target audience. We focus not just on the appearance of the brand, but on what it makes others to feel as well. We are, indeed, building the foundations of a brand through brand strategy.

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We're rewriting the brand's story. Content materials in which we create an engaging and connecting communication language allow the brand to better express itself to the target audience and offer a different experience. We believe that each brand's story is unique and we turn these special stories into a marketing tool.

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We offer solutions that can be used on all digital platforms with digital production based on creative works. Solutions based on a strategy and fiction is produced by our creative visual design team from start to finish. We create value for brands with digital production solutions.

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We offer customizable and measurable marketing solutions for modern brands. With long-term strategic objectives, we ensure that brands have a permanent place in the market. In digital marketing, rather than seeing target audiences as a number we focus on the people behind them and develop people-oriented strategies.

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